Pre travel jitters

So Ryan and I are working away- trying to find someone we know that we can crash at in Alabama. Thanks to the new FB upgrade, searching your friends by geographical location is no longer possible 😦 So after some hunting, we are still coming up short. (I did find, however, a bunch of other friends that are engaged/married- shame you can’t search by that either!) We have also spent the better part of an hour on the phone with Verizon tech support trying to get Ryan’s new MiFi up and running. Apparently VZ doesn’t like it when you purchase and activate a device in a different state then your mailing address is in- who knew? Regardless, we have managed to get it working which means live, in-car updates for you!

And to (possibly) add insult to future injury, Ryan found this (@rcantwell) on CNN: What if disaster strikes on your trip?

So it looks like this trip is shaping up to be somewhat epic- can’t wait for tomorrow.

2 responses to “Pre travel jitters”

  1. Have you tried looking at for places to crash? Never tried it out, but have always wanted to.


  2. I wish you luck on your trip! Of course you know I am in VA! I am in Vienna right now!


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