Kings and Queens

Last night was another night of fitful sleep- even know it was only 7 hours, I was barely able to get to sleep for a long period of time. On a interesting sidenote, I did have a dream last night that I met the Queen of England (which is apparently on my bucket list) and got lost with my family in London thanks to my GPS.

The shower here at the days inn is literally only for someone who is 5’0 and smaller. It has two temps- really hot or freezing. It was quite an exercise to get clean this morning but it did wake me up even further. We are now off to the free breakfast and off to the Jack Daniel’s distillery tour @9AM.

“We were the kings and queens of promise/

We were the phantoms of ourselves/

Maybe the children of a lesser God/

Between heaven and hell, heaven and hell…”- 30 Seconds to Mars

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