Arkansas Tornado

Last night, in our drive through the crazy thunderstorm to Texas, apparently there was a tornado touchdown outside Little Rock, AK. as well as Alabama. That is definitely a interesting factoid to hear this morning when we ate breakfast at Aunt Debbie’s house (Ryan’s aunt). I’m kinda bummed (only a little) that I didn’t get to see a tornado firsthand- or try to outrun one! Today is a relaxing day with little sightseeing- we are saving that for tomorrow and saturday. I am very impressed with the “branding” that Texas has done- even the overpass supports have a “lone star” on them. That, and seeing sideways stoplights with no painted lines on the highway (reflective dots instead) that have me feeling that I’m in a different country at the moment. Currently, I am typing this post poolside at Ryan’s grandfather’s house in Dallas. It’s in the low 60’s and sunny out- a gorgous day! We have spent the morning seeing the Dick’s where Ryan used to work, stopped by a Oakley outlet where the employee recogized my hat brand (The Hundreds), and tried a cherry limeaide at a local Sonic.

We are jumping in the pool later today after a late lunch since we drove 1500 miles to swim in it first! (or so I hear).  If you need us today, we will be poolside getting a tan 😉

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