Friends in low places

It’s 1AM central time and Ryan and I are finally winding down from a long day. 780 miles of driving total, 1,500+ miles total driving over the last two days. We have reached Plano, Texas and our blog’s reputation has gotten there before us! We spent the drive from Little Rock, AK to Dallas/Plano, TX between watching a beautiful thunderstorm light up the night sky and testing some of our toys. We wanted to see if the Verizon cell network could hold up to a bandwidth hog that is video chat. We had to deal with several signal dropouts as we rocketed along the highway at 80MPH and almost got it working on the Mifi. Turns out the Verizon signal on the way to Texas isn’t as reliable as we though. Thanks to my friend Julia D., who loaned me her HP Mini 110 with a built in 3G card for this trip, we were also able to test the netbook to see if a built in card made a difference- it was slightly quicker from a bandwidth perspective, but not by much. All in all, our video chat experiment on the highway didn’t really pan out the way we wanted it too. (Also, the reason this post is so late at night is because I had the last driving leg of the trip today)

We ate dinner at a Waffle House in Texarkana, TX which ended up disproving my Waffle House central area theory. (If you are really that curious what the central area theory is, just ask me) Anyways, we have finally made it to the Lone Star state and I’ll start my search for Walker, Texas Ranger bright and early tomorrow morning. Then again, I might get distracted by the pool. We will see what idea wins…

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