First in the pool

The “First in the Pool” title has been claimed this year by Ryan and I. We braved the 60 degree water to be the first ones in his Grandpa’s pool- it is a big deal in Ryan’s family to have that honor. The water was quite frigid, considering it was really windy today, but my waterproof camera came in handy. We are headed to Ryan’s cousin’s house tonight and checking the logistics on if we can actually make to Austin TX for SXSW for the day. It would be pretty sweet to at least have a foursquare checkin- or maybe someone to let us in (hint hint). Since its 4 hours each way, I really doubt we will actually make the trip- we just don’t have the time :-/

One response to “First in the pool”

  1. 60 degrees? That’s basically a hot tub. Come on, low 50’s or it doesn’t count.


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