The Saints are coming

We just left our first stop of the day in Shreveport, Louisiana headed east on I-20. Ryan’s mom lived in a house there back when she was in grade school so we swung by and took a couple pictures of the house. In addition, we were lucky enough to see a riverboat gambling boat docked right outside Shreveport. Sadly, we won’t be able to be arrested by Steven Seagal today. Lindsay has been serving us well- we have just put over 2000 miles on her since we started! We didn’t see Blue when we left this morning- I am convinced she was abused at one point in her life. Blue has pretty clean teeth and a rabies tag so someone is taking her of now. She has the skittish movements of a dog who doesn’t trust humans- it’s sad to see dogs in situations you cannot help out. So far Louisiana is a good looking state. Our next stop is Jackson, Mississippi where we will switch off driving duties on route to our final destination of Birmingham, Alabama.

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