This past week I attended not one but two Tweetups in the Washington, DC area. Both were fantastic events that were excellently executed and organized completely online. The first event was the Mobile Tech Cocktail sponsored by Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Series at Current Sushi. The second event of the week was the TEDxPotomac pre-party at Lima put on by @Sisarina.

The Mobile Tech Cocktail and the TEDx are both events that go from city to city and I was fortunate enough to attend both. One of the great things about these events, besides meeting my old Tweetpack friends, is meeting the new people that have a ton of ideas. The people here work at the pace that the Internet flies at which is getting faster and faster every day. The pace and flow of information is skyrocketing and everyone is trying to figure out a way to contain, manage, and broadcast the information. Media is playing an every larger role in communication, whether it be photos or video.

The energy at these events is off the charts. The ideas and concepts being presented at these events will eventually change the world, as we know it. The mobile world, for instance, is evolving at a rate that was unheard of a few years ago. The amount of information available on the go is staggering. It is very clear that people want access to that information but how do you “chunk it down” to something that is easier to transmit? Augmented Reality with local caching of data is one example of two’s guys vision to help people find their way. Using the compass and camera on the iPhone 3GS and augmenting the data with Google and Wikipedia is the concept behind the App Wheremark. (@wheremark)

The TED series is a series of online videos, available for free, of various thought leaders speaking their mind. TED has videos spanning several subjects and I highly encourage you to check them out. ( It’s is really great to see so many people willing to give their knowledge out for free. This flow of free and great information is what will help make the world a better place in the future.

These events were a blast to attend and really help cement the thought of social media changing the flow and development of technology. While social media was created by various technologies in the beginning, it is ultimately shaping the future of where future technology will be headed. Looking at Windows Mobile 7 Series is a great example of this- an OS that has been reworked and UI that has a heavy emphasis on social media.

Below are a couple photos from the TEDx pre party. To see more of these, please check out my friend James’ (@vtjawo) Flickr account. Flickr If you want to see photos from the Mobile Tech Cocktail- check out my Twitpic account. Twitpic

2 responses to “MTC & TEDx”

  1. […] Whoa, I haven’t been to Current Sushi since the Microsoft event in 2010?! […]


  2. Sisarina rocks the TEDxPotomac pre-party like no other. Keeping coming to #DCTweetup’s and you’ll keep meeting rockin’ peeps!!


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