Project Art- June 13th 2010

Every week I am going to bring you some of the artistic photos from the Project Art collection. Since I am still a aspiring photographer, these are all photos that are taken with Point and Shoot camera setup- not a DSLR. The four pictures below are from my recent trip to Cleveland, Ohio.

2 responses to “Project Art- June 13th 2010”

  1. Nice, even with a Point and Shoot. I really like the car. And the interesting lighting on the restaurant picture.


  2. […] We were attending a wedding in Aurora, Ohio (which is outside Cleveland) and we visited Jules’ parents (who is my roommate) in Solon, Ohio. An added benefit of this trip was that I got to visit the gorgeous Chagrin Falls in; you guessed it, Chagrin Falls, Ohio. You can see some of the photos from that day in my Project Art-June 2010 post. […]


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