Project Art June 19th 2010

Welcome to this week’s edition of Project Art. These photos were shot in Honduras last September while I was on a business trip. One of my favorite pictures of this trip is the beach scene with the canoe. The story goes that a fisherman takes that canoe out every morning to go fishing. Every day. He returns to leave his canoe on the beach by itself.

Let me know if you would like a full resolution copy.

One response to “Project Art June 19th 2010”

  1. That beach scene is sublime. For some reason when I think of a Honduran photo shoot I think semiautomatic weapons and street urchins… stereotypemuchdoi? On to the important stuff.. fried pickles! When I lived in Spain we had an Irish pub down by the beach (yes I realize that sounds like a story but it’s true). I became an addict back then and am always looking for “proper” pub food and a good stout here on our lovely shores. Glad to know I can find some in our very own Charm City!


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