Project Art June 26 2010

Welcome to this week’s addition to Project Art. This week the photos that I am posting have been taken in 3 different states.


This was taken in Baltimore, Maryland. Marcy, my dog, happens to be very photogenic.

During my college career at Ithaca College, I was a part of a program for incoming freshman called ECHO (Expanding Connections by Heading Outdoors).We would go camping with the incoming freshman in the late summer.

To add to the camping theme, I attended Philmont Scout Ranch as a leader in 2005. During our trip from Colorado down to the actual ranch in New Mexico, we stopped at the Garden of the Gods in Colorado. The way the sun hits the rocks in the afternoon is awe inspiring.

Right before we went to bed one night on our return leg to the airport in Colorado, we stop to eat at a diner. It was right around sunset and I quickly snapped the photo below. I didn’t realize how beautiful the scene was till I opened the photo up on my computer when I got home.

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