In Praise of Editors

I started my blog roughly five months ago to document a roadtrip I took with my best friend Ryan.  We are both huge tech blog enthusiasts, so we enjoyed blogging from non-desktop locations. Most of my posts were written in a passenger seat driving down the highway at speeds exceeding 70 miles per hour. The blog gave all of our friends and families back home a play by play of our trip. I never envisioned my blog evolving into what it has today.  Along the way, I have learned some very valuable lessons.  The following brings light to the most important…

Have someone else edit everything.

Being an amateur blogger, I underestimated the need to have an editor. Whether I’m typing posts on the fly or spending hours cranking out content, it has helped to have someone else read it before it went live. If not, the situation would play out something like this:

(Phone rings)

Joe: Hello?

Ryan: Hey man got something quick for you.

J: Well I am kind of busy at the moment. I’m walking the dog/watching a movie/working on a blog post/uploading photos/etc.

R: Listen this is time critical. There is an error in your latest post.

J: (silently begins to panic) Ok now I am paying attention. What is it?

R: (explains the issue)

Most bloggers have had the sinking feeling in their stomachs when someone informs them of an error that has been published. Personally, I know I have had that feeling several times since I started my blog. While some errors were bigger than others, putting content up that has noticeable errors can be quite embarrassing.

Prior to starting my blog, I hated others reviewing my work.  I felt as if my work was not good enough on its own and I required the help of others to make it worth reading.  After making careless errors, I have changed my opinion.  Now, each post I write is sent out for editing (including this one). Currently, my roommate Jules and best friend Ryan proofread my posts. Both Jules and Ryan do a fantastic job in making my “zero” draft into post able work. I do my best to make sure at least one of them critiques my larger posts before they go live to avoid phone calls like the one above.  If there is anything I can recommend to bloggers starting out – always have someone else give your content a second look. It will make your blog more professional and save you the stress of scrambling to fix errors before anyone else notices.

(Many many thanks to Jules and Ryan for being the slient editors of JSOnline. Without you both, I would look much more like a moron! I cannot thank you both enough!)

One response to “In Praise of Editors”

  1. One additional note concerning last night’s catch… credit belongs to @ztiworoh. He caught the error!



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