High Five Week of September 13th

Welcome to this week’s High Five. Each week I will post my 5 favorite articles that I have read that for your enjoyment. These links are from the various blogs that I frequent.

Spray On Fabric (from Wired‘s gadget lab)

The ability to mass customize a product is a big deal. Mass customization usually comes with higher costs, as the normal manufacturing process cannot accommodate specialization easily in the flow of work. Being able to cheaply and quickly make a garment to the customer’s exact measurements will be a game changer in the clothing production industry. This concept also has added savings on shipping costs, as the garment doesn’t need to be shipped from another location. Imagine being able to have custom fitted undershirts made at your local tailor. This technology can make that possible.

Most Powerful Colors in the World (from Colourlovers Blog)

Do you ever wonder why certain companies choose a specific logo color? Have you noticed that companies in the same industry usually have the same logo colors? This very interesting blog post from the Colourlovers blog describes in detail the various similarities and differences of color in regard to logos. Colourlovers checked out the top 100 sites in the world and found some very interesting results. Red and blue dominate the logos in corporate america and it has been that way for almost a decade.

iPad 4.2 iOS Hands On (from Engadget)

Being an early adopter of the iPad, I have followed the proposed updates and various evolving features of the device closely. The iPad has a significant mindshare in the tablet market and with the added additional functionality as part of the iOS 4.2 update, I don’t see that changing anytime soon. The iPad is now becoming a true netbook challenger with the addition of AirPrint and AirPlay. I am, along with most of the iPad early adopters, anxiously awaiting this update in November.

POV of Climbing a Broadcast Tower (from Gizmodo)

While I have listened to my father describe the intensity of climbing a ham radio tower when I was a kid, I never really got to wrap my head around that experience. This video which is linked by Gizmodo is a recording from a helmet cam of a worker climbing a 1700′ tower to change the FAA-required light. To say that this experience can be terrifying would be an understatement. It’s a quick video, and the views he sees are amazing, but I got twinges of vertigo just watching it. (In writing this post I have learned the video has actually been taken down but hopefully will resurface soon.)

How to prevent Social Media Entitlement Syndrome (from lalawag)

This is a great article on the evolution of several embarrassing social faux pas that social media has helped spawn. I agree with the writers that this really is a problem. The writers go on to elaborate:

Being accessible in real-time all the time can bolster our business and personal brands. That is the upside. The downside is the manner in which social etiquette is being increasingly bastardized in the Web 2.0 sphere because of a misplaced sense of entitlement and set of expectations our readers, followers, and Interweb friends have from absorbing the onslaught of our digital footprints.” (emphasis mine)

I strongly urge all of my followers to read this article. We all use social media for different purposes but as with all etiquette, it’s important to know when you are crossing a line. (Thanks to Ryan for showing me this article!)

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