High Five week of September 20th

Welcome to this week’s edition of High Five.

The top five articles I had read over the past week that I think you should read.

College Student asks Steve Jobs for Help (from @gawker)

A college student, Chelsea Issacs, was asked to do a report on Apple Inc. After several unanswered calls to Apple’s PR department, she decided to email Steve Jobs himself. Much to her surprise, Steve responded. Sadly his response was not what she was hoping for. This began a flame war that got Chelsea interviewed by Good Morning America.

Fun Links About Work (from @workawesome)

I am a huge fan of the WorkAwesome blog. This week they have posted some great links to sites I am also a fan of, such as Despair.com and The Oatmeal. If you are looking for (several) laughs, check out this post.

Apple Sues Hypermac Battery Maker (from @engadget)

Apple filed a patent lawsuit this week against a company called Sanho, which makes a line of external batteries called the HyperMac. These batteries are outfitted with authentic Apple MagSafe connectors that Sanho claims come from retail bought Apple power bricks. Since I am not a patent attorney I don’t know if this case has merit.  I do think this case will have echos in the tech industry of modifying products and reselling those modified products to the general public.

The Concert Speakers are a Lie (from @gizmodo)

Since I have only been to a couple of concerts in my lifetime, I  have never really looked closely at the stage. From this Gizmodo article, it looks like I should have since the wall of speakers behind the artists aren’t necessarily real.

Trek Support Backpack Concept from @Quirky (from @engadget)

This concept from the group project creation site Quirky really has my attention. As a gadget nut myself, looking for power to recharge on the go is always an issue. This concept puts a removable battery inside a backpack with a specific design for gadgets. I really hope this product makes it to market.

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