High Five week of September 27th

Welcome to this week’s High Five!

The top 5 articles I have come across this week that I think you should read.

Original Tech Prototypes (from @wired)

Being a son of a patent attorney, I have a great deal of respect for patent inventors. It takes a ton of hard work, and one great idea, to bring a product to market. This article shows some of the original prototypes of inventions we all take for granted today.

Gold to Go (from @engadget)

One of the more bizarre self service concepts I’ve seen is actually coming to the United States. Gold to Go is a self service “vending machine” that dispenses, you guessed it, gold bars/coins. Considering you might need a jeweler to actually “cash in” your gold, I don’t see the point of this machine at all.

63 ways to build self confidence (from Lifehack)

This is a great article for anyone who is looking for some advice. The nature of the article isn’t for senseless self promotion but more a healthy view of yourself. This list is something that I will be printing out and posting somewhere on my desk to remind myself everyday.

3 keys to handling criticism (from @workawesome)

Everyone has to deal with criticism in their life, no matter what is their line of work. How you handle that criticism can make the difference being mediocre or being great. The advice in this article is dead one when you want to use the criticism you receive to your advantage.

NYC subway may not survive Tropical Storm Nicole (from @gizmodo)

If you have ever seen the History Channel special “Life After People“, you would know that the NYC subway system is in a fragile state. Since the subway is (obviously) below the waterline, massive pumps have to pump out the water 24/7 to keep the tunnels working. But what happens when there is too much water for the pumps to handle? Read the article to find out.

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