The High Five (week of October 4th 2010)

Welcome to this week’s High Five.

10 Excellent Examples of Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns (from @mashable)

These are 10 different, but effective, campaigns that really resonated with consumers. The ideas in this article are really innovative and somewhat cheap (for an Ad campaign). Have you seen any of these campaigns?

7 Creepy Faux Pas of Google’s Eric Schimdt (from @fastcompany)

Just remember that this CEO runs the biggest information storage company in the world.

Apple worried about a“Glassgate”? (from @engadget)

With the free bumper program ended, it seems as Apple is in the clear. However, maybe another issue will plague the iPhone 4?

A graphic guide to Facebook Photos (from @fastcompany)

Someone took the time to analyze tons of profile photos. This is what they came up with. Pretty interesting!

8 Amazing Garage Inventions (from @gizmodo)

I love seeing new inventions and this set is no exception. It is crazy to think that Apple was actually founded in a garage- check out this list!

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