Online vs. Offline

I came across a very interesting article today on Gizmodo. This article talks about how in the digital age we show only a certain part of ourselves. We collectivity are scared of everyone seeing everything so we only show what we want people to see. We forget sometimes why we are friends with the people we are friends with. It’s a great read.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

“What happens in Facebook should stay in Facebook.

Online, Isaac had been encountering a few random droplets of digital paint. When he got to Vegas, those random splatterings were replaced an entire canvas of a relationship both he and Marvin had been painting for a lifetime.

Even habitual oversharers only share a subsection of themselves on social networks. That subsection could be entirely different from what they share offline. And even if it isn’t, the stream of updates, links and shared content can only represent a tiny part of anyone’s total personality.”

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