I’m Thankful 2010

This is the first Thanksgiving I have had with this blog so I’m showing a couple of the photos from the dinner I had with my family and talk briefly about what I am thankful for. We (Marcy and I) celebrated Thanksgiving with the rest of my family at my father’s lake house on Lake Anna in Mineral, Virginia. The lake house sits on a point of sorts which offers a wide views of the lake. Marcy, not surprisingly, is in heaven when she is here as she as a large field/forest to run in and plenty of water to swim in. One of the more enjoyable things to do here is watching Marcy play outside because I know she is truly happy (and usually wet/muddy/dirty).

I am thankful this year for a whole host of things:

  • My brother finishing up his education.
  • A job that is teaching me much more than I could have ever expected.
  • A great safe house to live in and wonderful roommates to keep me company.
  • A healthy dog.
  • Devices that help me share my creativity and ideas with the world.
  • A well running car.
  • Friends and family that care about me. (and I care about them as well)

Here are a couple of shots from our dinner last night.

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