Project Art PicTrip to the National Aquarium

Welcome to a special edition of Project Art!

On New Year’s Day, instead of watching a movie around the house I took a jaunt over to the National Aquarium in the Inner Harbor. I have been to the aquarium a couple of times before over the years but never with a decent camera to capture all the great low light exhibits the aquarium has to offer. Photography in the aquarium can be tough even for an experienced shooter as you have to grapple with fast motion, low light, and terrible reflections. The National Aquarium has several permanent exhibits and even a dolphin show. I got to really put my Canon to the test with a fast shutter speed and a telephoto lens to capture the dolphin shot below. To see the all the photographs I took- check out my Baltimore Flickr set.

One response to “Project Art PicTrip to the National Aquarium”

  1. […] hours was the lack of people. The last time we were in the Aquarium we got to wander around, but we didn’t get the free range that we did this […]


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