Marcy makes the paper!

About half a year ago ( in June of 2010- how time flies) I wrote about my ongoing experiment with Social Media involving my dog Marcy. Marcy has been my constant companion throughout my senior year of college, a transition to the real world, a break-up, my ongoing battle with depression, and was there with the reunion with my mother who I haven’t seen in a decade. Throughout it all, she has maintained a “presence” both off and on the internet. I try to channel/translate her off-line actions and behaviors to something other people (even non dog lovers) could understand and post it for the world to see.

Marcy roughly 3 months old.

After an application to B the Site in October, I waited to see if Marcy would be selected for the “Pet of the Week”. Today, while working away I received an @ reply from B the Site- Marcy had made the cut! Giddy, I promptly retweeted the news to my followers as any doting doggie parent would. Granted, I am sure I am the one the most excited about this news. While I am excited that Marcy brings joy to others both on and off-line, what I am most grateful for in the end was the long digital trail that is forming.  When Marcy eventually moves on to the next life, being able to remember our great times together will only be a few clicks away (and one day my kids will be able to see her too).

Thank you B the Site for selecting Marcy!

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