Sangria Making!

This weekend, with some help from my roommate Jules, I made homemade sangria. I’ve had sangria out while eating before but never attempted to make it myself. After finding a recipe I liked online, I proceeded to start cutting the fruit that would go into both jugs. Since we bought a gallon of table wine, I decided to vary the fruit ratio slightly.

As I was cutting the fruit it is added to the wine in the jug to prevent the fruit that would brown from the oxygen from doing so.

Once all the fruit was prepared and put into the jugs, we added the white grape juice and soda water to dilute the mixture.

Then, we let the sangria mixture soak for 24 hours to bring out the flavors of the fruit.

After sampling the sangria last night, I was relived to find out that both types of sangria came out tasting amazing. While making sangria is a time intensive process, I do plan on making sangria again as it’s a great way to spend an evening.


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