Talking Canon with Grandpop

This past weekend (before I headed to Chicago for an Innovation Games® training) I visited my grandfather at his place in Sparks, Maryland. I rarely get to see him so it’s usually a treat when I do. Most of the time I bring Marcy along as he lives on several acres that she can run around on (off leash of course). This time when we visited him I found out that he is a fellow Canon DSLR (the XTi) owner as well. We got to talking about various lens for a little bit, then set off on a long hike around his and his neighbor’s property to take pictures. Below is a sample of the shots we got- to see more head over to my Maryland Flickr Set.

3 responses to “Talking Canon with Grandpop”

  1. […] was wonderful. As we were all walking around, I decided to take pictures with my 50mm Prime lens instead of the telephoto I used last time. Using the 50mm lens allowed me to get much closer to the horses which brought out the detail in […]


  2. Nice pics Joe!!


    1. Thanks! You should see what he took as well- great stuff!


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