Baltimore Buzz Brigade

Recently I was chosen (along with 19 other Baltimoreans) to represent Baltimore on various social media outlets. The Baltimore Buzz Brigade is in its 2nd year of operation spreading the good word on why to visit Baltimore (like you really needed a reason to visit in the first place- it’s awesome here). One great part of the Buzz Brigade is you can pose questions to the experts on the Buzz Blog (that’s us for those keeping notes at home) and we can steer you in the right direction. Also, not only am I up-keeping a Flickr set, but there is also a group Flickr set as well! If you see any of us around (you will be able to tell by our cool B3 reusable bags/ t-shirts/ hats) please feel free to ask us questions. If Twitter or Facebook suits your fancy instead- feel free to reach out there instead. We are looking forward to talking with you!

Below are some of the pictures I took from our initial meet and greet while we bussed across town checking out various attractions.

Here we are touring Geppi’s Entertainment Museum

The B3 group is committed to saving our Inner Harbor by reducing waste

Our head contact Jessica is gearing up for our questions

Jamie, Jessica, Tom and Ryan.

1/3 of the group

2nd 1/3 of the group

Last 1/3

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  1. […] Buzz Brigade in the beginning of 2011. My knowledge and love of the city expanded even further as I got to explore and share my experiences. This is a very similar response to city life as some of my friends who live in (and love) New York […]


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