Robert E. Lee Park with Julia, John, and Julie and 4 dogs!

On Saturday two couples (all with first names that start with the letter J) took a hike at Robert E. Lee Park in the afternoon. Jules and I brought Marcy and Chopper to meet up with my college roommate John and his girlfriend Julie. John and I have known each other since 2003, where we were hall-mates in the freshman dorm at Ithaca College. John’s parents live roughly 10 minutes away from my grandmother up in the Towson/Lutherville area, so I get the chance to see John when he comes home to visit easily. Julie and John recently got a dog of their own named Indy and we all got together at Robert E. Lee park to meet the new addition to their household. (John and Marcy have known each other since senior year as we were sharing a house when I got Marcy).

I brought my camera along to capture the scenery as well as some pictures of everyone. I’m a big fan of taking pictures of dogs since you have to be completely focused otherwise you miss the moment. Taking pictures of dogs allows me to practice my “quick” shooting, while taking nature shots allows me to work on my composition of the shot.

We all had a blast hiking around and catching up. Below are a couple of the highlights of the shots- check out the rest on my Flickr set Baltimore II.

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