A year in review

Exactly one year ago, I started this blog. It was originally started to chronicle my 2010 epic road trip with Ryan online. During that week of our road trip, I had a crash course in blogging, specifically using the WordPress.com platform. Based on the blog’s initial popularity (1,000 hits in a week), I decided to keep it running. I started experimenting with various topics such as interviews of local leaders in the Social Media field to tech reviews of products I liked while interspersing my photography throughout. As the year progressed, I began to move away from technology posts and interviews, and more towards promoting my art. I received a lot of positive feedback from readers, family, and friends and decided to take the plunge into selling my artwork. In celebration of the year anniversary of my blog, I am launching my next big experiment – Joe Sterne Photography.

Joe Sterne Photography allows me to sell and distribute my photography both in person and online. Interested parties can find my work for sale on etsy.com where framed photographs or unframed prints can be sent across the country.  For buyers looking to customize the presentation of my artwork, look to redbubble.com where you can choose the size of the print, frame color, matting, and more.  Lastly, my artwork will be sold in person at a variety of craft fairs and art shows which will be promoted on my blog.

To all of my readers, new and old, thank you! I truly appreciate your interest in my work and I will try my hardest to keep you interested and entertained.

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