Hey there, Mr. Moon!

This weekend’s perigee full moon inspired me to whip out my tripod and camera in my Baltimore backyard and try to get a few good shots with my 75-300mm zoom (which is actually 120-480mm on my crop body). Taking moon shots has always been a challenge for me as you usually need to go completely manual and take time with your composure. However, once you get dialed in the results are outstanding. I rarely use my zoom lens (as I am rarely that far away from the action) but after this weekend shots, I am beginning to lust after a super zoom lens.

While I was snapping shots at the moon, I was also heating up the grill to cook dinner. I had a sudden insight and swung my lens downwards to the heating charcoal briquettes. With some variations in the shutter speeds and post processing, I ended up getting some very cool results.

Below are a couple of highlights from the shoot- to see the rest check out my Baltimore Flickr album.

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