Cirque De Soleil’s TOTEM review

I take my seat and the lights go down. The tent seems bigger on the inside that I expected. Suddenly music booms. A spotlight illuminates a man descending slowly on a wire in a silver glitter suit (a raindrop perhaps?) towards a massive turtle shell in the center of the tent. Suddenly, the turtle shell covering pulls away revealing a bone like structure and several people in frog like bodysuits who start dancing on the frame and the trampoline located in the floor. The lights come up, very brightly, and the music starts up in earnest. The show has begun.

This week Jules and I attended the Media pre show of Cirque De Soleil’s current production TOTEM. TOTEM is a nature based production that talks about human’s history over the last few centuries specifically and heavily references the theory of evolution.  The production is filled with gorgeous bodysuits, death-defying stunts, and an incredibility intricate stage. Neither Jules nor I have ever attended a Cirque De Soleil show (but we had heard about them before) so this was exciting for both of us.

The funny part is that Jules and I weren’t planning to attend the TOTEM media pre show. The tickets that we were rumored to receive as part of the Buzz Brigade never materialized so I had full plans to go home and hit the gym as part of my Wednesday evening. While walking to my car from work to head home, I saw a tweet posted by CITYPEEK Patti saying she had two tickets for the Wednesday night show that she was giving away. I quickly replied back, and to my surprise, I managed to snag the tickets! I quickly headed home and changed before we headed over to the Grand Chapiteau.

Once we arrived at the Grand Chapiteau (all of 7 minutes away from my Federal Hill house) we parked and strolled up to the tent. We entered the area outside the stage where free refreshments and appetizers were being served and merchandise was being sold. We met up with my contact at the Buzz Brigade and chatted for a few minutes before they let us inside to take our seats.  We ended up having great seats as Jules and I were literally one row below the camera that was recording the event!

The show was broken up into two parts with a half hour intermission. Each part of the show is roughly an hour and a half in length with non-stop performing. Being it was my first time seeing this type of death-defying acrobatics in person, I was in awe during the entire performance. It was an amazing show (I really don’t want to spoil the plot too much) but I highly recommend you see it. Even the music score was amazing especially since it is done live. This is an event that I would have happily paid to see (and I am considering attending again on my dime).

The back part of the stage has a project image on it. Suddenly, a center part of the stage lifts up and curls like a scorpion tail away from the crowd. Mirrors on the underside reflect light all over the tent. Light shine out of the hole while the stage slowly uncurls back down. 5 girls pedal out on 6’ unicycles with bowls balanced precariously on their heads. They proceed to juggle and flip these bowls while on the unicycles onto each other’s heads. They are successful in their efforts and the crowd roars.

Many thanks to CityPEEK Patti for these tickets. You can follow Patti on Twitter and make sure to check out citypeek!

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