Jules and I visit the Maryland Science Center

Yesterday Jules and I decided to check out the Maryland Science Center in the Inner Harbor. The weather wasn’t very good which made it a perfect day to visit a museum. The last (and only) time I was in the Science Center was for the TOTEM media day back in March. Jules had never got the chance to visit the Science Center so we decided to make an afternoon of it. Once we had checked in (my pass was provided by Visit Baltimore and Jules got in free because she was a teacher) we wandered around the various exhibits spanning four floors. We played with everything from a laser harp to laying on a bed of nails! (which was oddly relaxing) We made a point to attend a planetarium presentation on our universe and dark matter. We found out that the observatory was open from 5-10pm on Fridays- I can’t wait to come back on a clear night! The experience was a ton of fun for the both of us and I highly recommend you pay it a visit (especially if you have kids).

Being a kid at heart means I’ve never lost my curiosity for everything. I constantly question why things are the way they are and how they could be different. Having the opportunity to play in a museum with a ton of hands on exhibits meant I got to exercise my curiosity and learn.

I took my camera along to document the fun we had and managed to capture some really cool photographs. Below is a sample-to see more, check out my Abstract Art album on Flickr!

(As stated above, my pass was provided by Visit Baltimore)

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