Cleveland Botanical Garden

For Memorial Day this year, Jules and I headed to Solon, Ohio to see her family. Solon, which is roughly 30 minutes from downtown Cleveland, is a spread out “town” covering a few miles. It’s a cool place to visit and we had a blast hanging out with her family. One day during our visit we decided to head downtown to visit Cleveland‘s Botanical Garden.

Located in the “cultural district”, which includes the Gardens as well as several museums, it spans 10 acres. Featuring both an indoor section (with an amazing butterfly exhibit you get to walk through) and an outdoor area featuring several garden styles (such as a Japanese dry rock garden and a Rose garden) and unique water features. We wandered through all the exhibit on a fairly warm Sunday afternoon and saw some very cool stuff. I brought along my Canon T2i with my 60mm Macro lens. With some steady hands, I managed to get some incredible shots. A sample of it is below- to see more check out the Flora and Insect Flickr Albums!

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  1. […] read my blog for any period of time over the past year, you can probably surmise that I love to take nature shots, specifically flowers. I truly enjoy capturing the delicate beauty that nature has created close up […]


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