Freeze Framed

One of the most relaxing places I know is my parent’s lakehouse on Lake Anna in Mineral, Virginia. The property was owned by my family for the better half of a decade before a custom designed house was built on part of the grounds. By accident or fate, it is truly a dog’s paradise- which is one of the reasons I try to make a visit every year. This year for the 4th of July, the whole crew (Jules, Chopper, Marcy, and me) spent most of the long weekend down at the lakehouse relaxing. We saw a nice little firework show put on by a neighbor (rumored to cost $10K!) and I played around with fast shutter speeds all weekend. Fast shutter speeds (for instance 1/3200 of a second) combined with a narrow depth of field allowed me to literally “freeze” anything I wanted. Whether it was a splash, or a person in midair, the fast shutter speeds gave a unique perspective of the fun we had hanging out. Below are a couple of the good shots that came out of the weekend.

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  1. […] though Jules and I spent the weekend at Lake Anna, we still made sure to get back in time for the annual fireworks in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. […]


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