30 years and a giant metal “ManWomen”

This past weekend Jules and I rounded up some friends and headed uptown to Artscape. This year of Artscape marked its 30th anniversary of the alternative art festival and this year did not disappoint. Held luckily a week before a serious heat wave on the east coast, Artscape usually suffers from high temperatures while you are walking around. This is a great analogy to the art that is sold here, as it is very good work that gets to be sold here (I would know- I got rejected this year from having a booth).  It’s also an important Baltimore event, as it brings together people from all kinds of backgrounds and lets us celebrate our common threads and differences at the same time. (the free concerts aren’t bad either)

After all meeting up at our house in Federal Hill, we took to the street. Literally. Well, more accurately we walked to the light rail and took it up by MICA’s campus and then proceeded to join the crowd on the hot Sunday. We checked out various booths, ate some carnival-like food, and enjoyed the eclectic public displays of alternative art.

Not public art, but a REALLY nice Ferrari Enzo (one of 499) found in Federal Hill that day.

Since this event takes over the MICA area around Baltimore, it isn’t uncommon to find your friends at Artscape as well as previews for other city events. This year (3rd year in a row I’ve gone) was no exception- I ran into Ryan Goff and Alexa Pollokoff from the Baltimore Buzz Brigade and got to see a car for the upcoming Baltimore Grand Prix (which sadly Jules and I won’t be getting to attend).

Overall it was a great afternoon with friends. The festival is a blast every year- I strongly urge you to attend next year! (Yes, I will keep applying to sell my work there too)

Unsurprisingly, the ManWomen Statue did not dress up for this occasion

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