Driscoll’s Moments Food Tasting Session

This past Friday, my fiancé Jules and I had some friends over to taste some homemade berry themed dishes that we could make again for Thanksgiving. The event was put on by WineTwits (a Twitter account that I follow) and Driscoll, who graciously supplied us with a very cool supply pack for the event. We received a berry strainer, an apron, table tents, a cookbook from the chef hosting the event, a flash drive with all the recipes, and $25 worth of coupons for Driscoll berries. The event was on a Friday night and started around 8:30PM so we invited our friends over early to experience the cooking aspect.

By the time our friends showed up, our kitchen looked like a bomb went off in it. Both Jules and I dramatically underestimated how busy we would be preparing four dishes *at the same time*! We were frantically rushing around getting things prepared while monitoring my (slightly famous) beer can chicken in the oven. Meanwhile, our friends (such as Zach, Ryan, and Kristen) were trying our homemade sangria, helping where possible, and probably laughing at the whole spectacle. It was also nice to have friends over to celebrate our new engagement!

However, all the dishes we prepared ended up turning out amazing. We had Brie with a delicious berry and pistachio sauce and some acorn squash with a different berry glaze. The group loved the beer can chicken which was quite delicious (not to toot my horn). Meanwhile we had my MacBook Pro hooked up to our HDTV with the livestream of the event in NYC playing while monitoring the online conversation with *two* Twitter clients. Needless to say, we all had a blast and it was great to hear what the online group had to say.

I was also lucky enough to get to test out (for a hot second) Zach’s new fisheye lens. He had just gotten one for our Fall Photowalk (which was this past Sunday) and wanted to try it out before hand. Being in a narrow rowhome like ours, the results were quite trippy as I was able to catch a large part of the wall on both sides. (The lens has a roughly 180 degree field of view on my T2i) I had a TON of fun playing with it (Marcy not so much) so I think I’ve found my next future lens to add to my collection.

(Thanks to @WineTwits for letting me/us participate in this event. We have had a ton of fun at the events you have thrown and really appreciate the extra mile you go to make the event go well [having a distributor hand deliver wine]. We are looking forward to attending many more events in the future!)

(Yup- Nerf guns came out!)

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