Forced Nudity

A couple of weeks ago I had to send my trusty Canon T2i DSLR in for servicing. I was beginning to have a lot of issues with my autofocus, especially with my 60mm Macro lens (which also went back). So, while my camera gets service and back to me in time for the holiday (I hope), I’m left with my Canon megazoom P&S and my cell phone camera.

Ironically, this was the same position I was in a year ago for Thanksgiving.

This “forced nudity” of my “good” camera is allowing me to get reacquainted with a decent, smaller camera that has given me some awesome shots. For example, this photo was taken by my Canon P&S and it’s my #1 viewed photo on Flickr. It’s not all about the camera really. You still need to be able to compose a shot, no matter what device it’s on. Plus, since it takes longer to take a shot, you need to prepare a little more before you trigger the shutter. Granted, there are some advantages of detachable lens camera that P&S camera can’t offer.

Another advantage of only having a P&S is I can get into more places with it. For example, Jules and I joined Zach and Elise to watch the Trans Siberian Orchestra play this weekend in Hershey, PA. Besides the fact DSLR’s/detachable lens cameras are banned from the venue, I was unsure if I was going to get any good shots from where we were sitting. We had great seats overlooking the venue and we all had a blast. I can happily say I managed to get some pretty good ones with a point and shoot! If you like these shots, make sure to check out my TSO Flickr album!

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