Something Shocking I’m Doing This Year…

While I’m all for constant improvement and resolutions (any time of year), I’ve never really wanted to admit them publicly. It’s not a privacy thing, it’s really that no one gives a shit (truly) on what I want to improve on. I on the other hand do like hearing what others’ goals are because it gives me a chance to help and make a difference.

This year however, I want to publicly declare my resolutions in light of my recent hospitalization so, if anything, I can have the internet hold me to my word.


Here are my resolutions for 2012:

  1. Lose 20 pounds (or more). While this is more medically mandated that I would have liked, nevertheless I need to drop some serious weight over the course of 2012
  2. Eat better (see above). It’s not that I eat terribly today, but since I need to change my diet drastically anyway, might as well go all the way here. Weight Watchers here I come!
  3. Take more pictures (and do more business). I had a fantastic 1st year with my shiny new Canon DSLR. Since I got it a year a go, I’ve snapped a little over 20,000 shots (combining both time-lapse and normal shots). This is a number I want to exceed in the coming year and push myself to get a better camera body soon.
  4. Get into Grad School. This is really following through what I’ve pushed myself with over the last 6 months in mostly secret. I am aiming for Fall 2012, and hoping for the very best.
  5. Be happier. This indirectly relates to all of my resolutions as it’s been a very rewarding but stressful year for me. 2012 doesn’t appear to be any easier, if anything, it will probably be tougher. That being said, I want to be a happier, more relaxed person to be around.
  6. Stop drinking all alcohol. Yup, you read that right. In 2012, I won’t be drinking-period. It relates to #1 and #2 indirectly, but really I want to experiment with how it changes my experiences and health. While I’m sure that some of my friends won’t be thrilled to hear this, I’m ok with it. I still plan to socialize and you may even see me at a bar. The only thing that will be different this year is I will have something non alcoholic in my hand.
So after speaking with my cardiologist, he had advised me against doing #6 above. He has recommended that I drink a glass of red (only) a night to help reduce my cholesterol and help keep my heart healthy. So my experience has been foiled so far but I will keep with the general gist of my goal -less booze in 2012.

So there we are. My 2012 (and possibly beyond) resolutions. Please help me keep to them.

2 responses to “Something Shocking I’m Doing This Year…”

  1. Have you looked at Lose It as a weight loss tool? I don’t know if there’s a Windows phone app for it, but it’s made a big difference for me. Lots of social sharing options, so let me know if you sign up, and I’ll connect to you.


    1. I haven’t (currently doing the weightwatchers online plan). I will check it out though and thanks for sharing it!


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