An open (love) letter to Jules

Once Jules sees this, she will probably panic. So let me get this all in before I get in (possible) trouble.

While I’m never one for huge displays of affection, my “information embargo” regarding our engagement was perhaps *too* good. I truly wanted to share our joy with everyone but I think I fell short there.  So I want to celebrate the last 2+ years I have spent with Jules (and our awesome engagement) on Valentine’s Day now.

Jules- don’t be like this:

But more like this:

Or even this:


I loved every minute of the last couple years with you.


I’m super proud of you running your first (then second) half marathon!

You still look good after 13.1 miles:


Thank you for being a willing test subject for my photography (even if it’s in subzero weather):


I love you Jules! (Please don’t murder me for this post)

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