Zach’s Inaugural Homebrew Beer opening and tasting!

It’s not often that one of your friends starts homebrewing beer. It’s even rarer when this special occasion surrounds his birthday celebration.

Zach, who is a great friend and co-founder of The Photowalk Alliance hosted a beer tasting event this past weekend to sample the first two brews he has tried. One of these brews was bottled and the second one was actually kegged! Zach tried a lighter style of beer for the bottles, which “aged/fermented” (I’m sure I’m using the incorrect terminology here) for a few weeks. The darker ale/stout that was in the keg was fermented for a much shorter period of time. Jules and I had just been a part of a surprise dinner with Zach, Elise, and several friends and family members before we headed back to the house to try the brews that Zach concocted.

While I was the self nominated, unofficial photographer of the evening, I did get to sample both styles of beer. I have to say that both brews were phenomenal. If  I didn’t know better, I would have thought I was tasting something that was from a microbrew brewing company. Jules and I also got to meet a few of Zach and Elise’s friends while we hung around and chatted.

It was very cool to be a part of an experience like this. I can honestly say that Zach has quite a knack for brewing beer, and if he decides to go pro, I wouldn’t be surprised. (You also heard it here first) If you get a chance to meet Zach in person, ask him about his homebrews. You might be lucky enough to try one!


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