What happens when 2 Photographers meet at a Starbucks?


patrick onofre, macbook air

A couple of months ago, DC Photographer Patrick Onofre invited me to come on his podcast. After a couple of reschedules and a mistaken Starbucks, we finally got together to chat.

It happened to be right after I had gotten off a red eye flight from San Francisco,  so I’m worried that I don’t sound entirely…coherent. However, this was the first time I got to meet Patrick and fellow DC Photographer Noe Todorovich in person with my fiancé Jules, and we all hit it off nicely!

Patrick whipped out his Macbook Air and plugged in a microphone to one of it’s USB ports. A couple clicks in Garageband and off we went!


We chatted for well over an hour in a pseudo-roundtable discussion that I found to be a good deal of fun. I ended up talking more than I usually do in situations like this- could be a combination of the jet lag and my first podcast jitters?

macbook air

We wrapped things up, said goodbye, and went on our separate ways. (*tear*) Happily, I can say that the whole experience was a total blast and I cannot wait to see both Patrick and Noe in person again!

Check out the podcast here!

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