Private Shopping at Myrtle Dove Vintage

ann brock

Right before Jules and I left to go to California, we were both invited (along with my buddy Zach) to attend a tweetup/private shopping experience at Myrtle Dove Vintage in Baltimore.

Put on by Sarah Wainio, it was a great event to check out a place I’ve never been to, and attempt to put a hard ROI on some social media efforts. They stayed open late to a packed store filled with people trying on clothes, enjoying snacks, and having a great time.

 jess platt myrtle dove vintage

ann coleman, myrtle dove vintage

It was very cool to see old-fashioned business owners begin to adopt some new ways of getting business. Sarah did an excellent job promoting the event (also at the Sun Tweetup we attended the week before) and took on some hosting duties.

sarah wainio, @sarahrachael

myrtle dove

The store was filled with vintage stuff that appealed to all ages. Zach and I wandered around taking a few shots of the party and friends. There are more pictures on Myrtle Dove’s FB page– let them know what you think!

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