Mooning* at Half Moon Bay

seagull, beach, oceanA little place called Half Moon Bay was one of our destinations this past weekend. Jules and I headed out there to relax in the sand and enjoy the sun and surf.

Despite the water being bone numbing cold, it was nice to walk along the surf and take some pictures. The weather was amazing- we couldn’t have had better weather. Barely any clouds in the sky and a comfortable mid 70’s in temperature.

half moon bay, beach, water, sand

julia dachner, joe sterne, half moon bay, beach

We ended up parking at the Poplar Beach parking spot which happens to be a great entrance to a DOG FRIENDLY beach. Marcy is gonna blow a gasket when she sees this place! Chopper will probably become great friends with our towel…that’s if he doesn’t try to eat it first. We ended up FaceTiming with Jules’ family back in Ohio…who where less than thrilled we were video calling them from a beach.

julia dachner, jules11127, half moon bay beach

half moon bay, beach, black and white, landscape, california

After staying out long enough to get a bad sunburn (Jules began to resemble a lobster), we met Shanie for a nice lunch at Half Moon Brewery. They are located right on the water a couple miles up the beach. The food was fantastic. I definitely recommend a visit if you are in the area.

joe Sterne, julia dachner, half moon bay

half moon bay, beach, iPhone 4s, FaceTime

half moon bay, beach, surf, sand

We had a great time in Half Moon Bay before we headed up to San Francisco to visit with more friends (and that’s another post). What do you think of the pictures?


*we did not witness nor partake in mooning.

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