California or Bust

joe sterne photography, #c2c12

It’s been a eye popping experience over the last couple days. Literally.

We are getting packed up after a much more eventful weekend then we expected. As you may have known from my last post, my fiancee Jules had to undergo emergency eye surgery yesterday to reattach her retina. That surgery involved literally popping her eye out of her socket, attaching basically a rubber band around the eyeball, and putting her eye back in. (It sounds gory because it is).

joe sterne photography, #c2c12

So after we get packed, we are off to Joliet, IL tonight. Hopefully we will have time to stop in South Bend, IL this afternoon for a late lunch/early dinner. From today forward, we will be traveling everyday to reach California by Friday. Along the way it looks like we will be battling weather, long days of driving, and even possibly a wildfire (Colorado). This trip is shaping up to be much more eventful than either of us were expecting.

john deere, joe sterne photography, #c2c12


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