Photojojo, Kim Thomas Photography, Joe Sterne, Julia Dachner

My 1st Modeling Experience (no, seriously)

Photojojo, Kim Thomas Photography, Joe Sterne, Julia Dachner

Have you ever had one of those moments where an episode from a popular sitcom sticks in your head-and you later live it for real?  For Jules and I, it was the “hand model” episode from “Seinfeld”.

Photojojo, Kim Thomas Photography, Julia Dachner
How Jules and I got chosen to be hand/normal models for Photojojo is an example of random luck. Back in March of 2012 when I was out in Mountain View working (before we moved) I saw a tweet from Photojojo announcing a casting call. I replied back and mentioned that we would be moving to the area soon. We got a response, and after sending pictures of our hands and faces, we found out that they would like to work with us. However, the only time we could do it (when Jules and I were both out on the west coast the one time before we moved), they didn’t need anyone.

Photojojo, Kim Thomas Photography, Joe Sterne

So, we moved out to the west coast in July and got settled. A couple of weeks later, I fired off a note to Kim Thomas saying that we were here and ready to help. Next thing I know we are scheduling a shoot with her for some brand new products in the store!

Photojojo, Kim Thomas Photography, Joe Sterne

Kim is the head photographer for Photojojo, and besides being an awesome person, has just garnered some national attention for photographing a wedding with an iPhone and Instagram. She is a great photographer and a pleasure to work with, especially because she wasn’t annoyed as I attempted to restrain myself from making shot/angle suggestions (You can’t turn off a photographers “eye”). Plus, it’s always fun meeting fellow photographers.

Photojojo, Kim Thomas Photography, Joe Sterne

Photojojo, Kim Thomas Photography, Joe Sterne

Roughly a month later, the products we shot went live on Photojojo.  It’s weird being on the other side of the camera but also cool being a model. All of the products we modeled were very cool and I encourage you to check them out:

Camera Cooler Bag at the Photojojo Store!

Buy the Tiltpod Mobile at the Photojojo Store!

Buy the The Camalapse at the Photojojo Store!

(Big thanks to Kim Thomas for letting me use these photos- She took them, not me. Just so you know, we were compensated for our work)

4 responses to “My 1st Modeling Experience (no, seriously)”

  1. […] had a blast on our shot and can’t wait to model again for them! You can check out our last shoot with them here. Oh, want one? Click […]


  2. […] were all shooting with our cell phones with some great Photojojo camera lenses attached. As you can probably tell from my last post, Jules and I are big fans of a lot of the stuff that Photojojo sells. The fisheye lens for cell […]


  3. How cool is that?? I love Photojojo and I really want to buy their cameraphone lenses. This is so cool!


    1. Well, we ended up get a full set of the cameraphone lenses. I personally LOVE the fisheye lens…


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