Flickr Meetup in San Francisco


This was definitely the biggest photowalk I’ve ever attended! Here is proof.
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By happenstance, I came across a post on my twitter feed about an upcoming Flickr Meetup in San Francisco. I had heard about them before (as I’m a Flickr user) but never had a chance to attend one. This past weekend, I did.

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Jules and I packed our cameras and ourselves into the car and headed up to Bernal Heights to meet up with other Flickr users and employees. We met at a secret slide (no joke) in the neighborhood and walked around the area taking pictures. We even had a huge group photo taken on the hillside of Bernal Heights Park (by none other than Thomas Hawk himself).

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During the walk I got to meet a ton of interesting people. From Chris who was shooting film AND medium format film to Kelly who dabbles in Automotive photography. Plus some familiar faces were there as well (Brian S. from the #donutquest walk was with us) I even met Thomas Hawk!

8396445889_db8ac728c9_b 8397527652_a5b26c3878_b

I brought my Canon AE-1 along as part of #projectfilm and ended up getting some wonderful shots with it. My trusty T2i was also at my side. Jules was shooting with her new T3i and captured some wonderful macro photos as well. You can find my Flickr album from the day here.


While parts of the walk were a bit chaotic (I’m amazed no one got hit by a car) overall it was fantastic walk. I can’t wait to attend the next one!

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