Interview with Kaitlin about #projectfilm (reblog)

I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by Kaitlin about #projectfilm. Check out what I had to say!

Visual Individual

Today was full of film talk. I met with a film photographer today that specializes in photographing the night sky. Quite interesting! BUT that interview will be up sometime next week. Today’s film photographer is Joe Sterne! He loves challenges and continues to use film to explore different viewpoints. He has a yearly project called, #projectfilm where he shoots film on a daily basis. I chose Joe because of his lovely light leaks, which we all know I am a big fan of.

Who/what got you started on shooting with film?
I got into film shortly after I moved to the west coast. I wanted to become a better photographer and decided to learn how to shoot on film to make it fun. It’s a nice challenge and makes me use my digital camera differently. I would be lying if people like Kim Thomas, Patrick Onfore, and even Photojojo made…

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