Rebranding Announcement!


This is the biggest news…since I started taking pictures (and getting paid for them).

joe Sterne photography, hawk hill, bay area, gold gate bridge, julia dachner

As you may have noticed from “my” business twitter feed and/or Facebook page, I have slowly begun to roll out a rebranding. While everything is still a work in progress (there is a lot of interconnected parts that need to stay connected), I am happy to announce that Jules (my fiance) and I are joining forces in the Photography world. We are calling ourselves “Not So Sterne” Photography.

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The subject matter we photograph will stay the same. We are still available for engagement and portrait sessions (interested in us doing a wedding? Let’s talk first). As well, continuing to do Landscape and Macro photography.  The big change here is we are trying for some print sales (at public markets, galleries, and such). It’s a step in our journey together and we are very excited to share the details will you.


Everything you are used to from me will stay the same. We plan to have all prior links/bookmarks redirect to any new ones. (If you found this post, you shouldn’t have a problem seeing ones in the future) There will be a new logo (forthcoming) and new snazzy business cards (I’m still doggedly analogue in some areas)! Curious about our rates? Give us a shout!

joe Sterne, julia dachner, joe sterne photography, sunnyvale ca, photojojo, margo duvall baker beach, sfbattpw13, battery, san francisco, photowalk alliance, joe sterne photography, julia dachner

5 responses to “Rebranding Announcement!”

  1. This is great news, Joe! Congratulations to you both and much success!


    1. Thanks Donna!


  2. Renard Moreau Avatar
    Renard Moreau

    [ Smiles ] Congratulations on being paid for your photographs. I wish you a prosperous future where your photography is concerned!


    1. Thank you!


      1. Renard Moreau Avatar
        Renard Moreau

        [ Smiles ] You are welcome, Joe.


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