Google+ Photo Event (Liveblogging from San Francisco)


So, I’m liveblogging an event alongside bloggers from Gizmodo, NYTimes, The Verge, and others. Bucket list item checked!


We are about to get started it seems… We are located at a art gallery called The New Black. Art from some famous photographers (who are all on Google+) are printed surrounding the room.  Tons of gorgeous work line the walls here. Of course, I don’t know exactly why we are all gathered here today.


We are live!  Vic is on stage.


IMG_3777 IMG_3778 IMG_3792 IMG_3794

Massive gains in sign ups, active users , and 1.5 BILLION photos uploaded per week!

IMG_3799 IMG_3805 IMG_3823

New changes to Hangouts and the Google+ side of the house.


Vic is asking the question: how much time do you want to spend on photos? Excellent question.



IMG_3830 IMG_3840

Whoa- new addition to the Nik Collection. Analog efex pro. Free upgrade to existing Nik Collection users.

IMG_3849 IMG_3850


New additions to auto enhance feature. Two settings are now available.


New addition to the Nik Software collection: Analog lens filter style.


That’s all folks! This has been updated with better photos.


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