Canon EOS-M Testing!


My wife is awesome…..obviously – that’s why I married her! Let me share one of the many  reasons why.


So, as part of a birthday present/addition to Not So Sterne’s inventory, we bought a Canon M. This is Canon’s first mirrorless camera that has a brand new mount (the M Mount). However, since it’s a Canon, it offers some advantages that other brands don’t offer to us (since we are firmly in the Canon camp already). Mainly, we can buy a (slightly overpriced) adapter that allows us to mount any EF or EF-S mount lens! BorrowLenses has a great shot of a M on the end of a 800mm f4 that looks hilarious.


So for the past month or so, we have run this camera through its paces. Since it operates fairly differently than our other cameras (touch to focus, lack of buttons, slightly different menu options), there has been a slight learning curve. This camera doesn’t have a built-in flash (at all) so unless you throw a flash on the hotshoe, you better be prepared for some low light pictures if you are shooting inside/after dark. These do come out, albeit with a fair amount of noise.

IMG_3797 IMG_3800

One thing I love about it is frankly the size. This has the same size sensor as our Rebel T2i/T3is in a MUCH smaller body. Pair it with a small, fast lens and it blows people away with the quality of photo and video that this camera can acquire.. Since it’s very pocketable, you can bring it places you might avoid bringing a larger DSLR. We took it to a wedding and it did a great job of capturing the night for us.

IMG_3883 IMG_3884

Both Jules and I are still working out how we are integrating this camera into our “go-to” camera list, but with the positive experience so far, I don’t see that to be a big issue at all. Below are some other photos we have taken with the M- what do you think?


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