Dreamforce 2013 Recap


This past month I got to attend Dreamforce (again). But, this time was different from the last.

20131120_122547_445 20131120_122943_087 20131119_090457_075_x 20131119_121228_417 IMG_4114

This time I was attending as booth staff on behalf of my company Acumen Solutions. I got to help run our awesome booth, complete with a robotic bartender, and occasionally attend a keynote or two. I was stoked being able to bring Google Glass along for the ride. Turns out, so was Salesforce!

IMG_4014 IMG_4013 IMG_4012 IMG_4011 IMG_3939

Trust me, I was cheering in the stands when I saw the keynote! It was really awesome to see a POC we have discussed conceptually come to life. Throughout the conference, I got to chat with a bunch of people about the concept of Glass and possible applications that this brand new form factor can provide.

IMG_4047 IMG_4069 IMG_4099

Plus, it’s Dreamforce. It’s a week of the best kind of craziness you can be a part of. I ran into my uncle at the conference (by accident), got to see some coworkers/clients I haven’t see in a while, and attend an awes

2 responses to “Dreamforce 2013 Recap”

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  2. […] wearer of Glass, so I was often stopped in public (in all sorts of places) and asked about Glass. When I attended conferences with Glass, our booth was often mobbed with curious people. I really enjoy talking about Glass with others, so […]


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