Winter Photowalk in Annapolis, MD


This past Thanksgiving, Jules and I flew out to Baltimore to host a photowalk. (Well, that’s not entirely true…)

IMG_9416 IMG_9418 IMG_9422

The Photowalk Alliance hosted the photowalk in downtown Annapolis. Since Jules and I lived there right before we moved to California it was great to see a familiar place. It was even better to see familiar faces! We had some old regulars from the TPA attend as well as some new ones.

IMG_9434 IMG_9436 IMG_9440 IMG_9441

We wandered down from the church to the waterfront, stopping for cool stuff along the way. The group saw a large pack of ducks (including one that tried to eat me), a beautiful sunset, and even tried (but sadly failed) to catch the tree lighting (it was cold and us Californians don’t have warm jackets). Overall, it was a great walk with some great friends.

IMG_9471 IMG_9484 IMG_9499 IMG_9508

Took my fisheye out for a spin again. What do you think of the results?

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