2013 In Review


This is a pretty crazy post for us to write.


There have been several notable things that happened in 2013 both for Jules as well as myself. So, in the interest of making things unique, I’m going to have other services tell the stories for me. First up is my automatically made Google+ Auto Awesome video pulling the highlights of my G+ posts.

Next up is Statigram’s year in review of my Instagram feed.

Finally, we are diving into the NSSP’s analytics to show the top 5 posts of the past year, based on views.

  1. My 2013 Project (#projectfilm) [I promise there is more posts coming]
  2. Capturing an Engagement #throughglass
  3. Flying with Flyknit
  4. My First Week with Google Glass
  5. Google Glass Pickup

Some of my favorite events from this past year:

  1. Google+ Event [live from SF]
  2. Wine Tasting with G+
  3. Meeting Robert Scoble IRL
  4. Cars and Coffee with Bugatti

I can assure you (but not reveal why just yet) why 2014 will be as just, if not more, awesome than 2013. Ever since I started this blog (from very humble beginnings) in 2010, it’s been a wild ride. 2014 will be no different.


Jules and I have some cool stuff planned for NSSP that we are started to get into motion while our “real jobs” are pulling us in cool directions.  Stay tuned!

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