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A Very Important Annoucement!

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 For the last few months, I’ve been trying to write this post in my head.  It’s not an easy post to write, but I gotta do what I gotta do….

Without further ado, here is the big announcement: Jules and I are moving to Cleveland in a month and a half.

google glass,Cleveland , google, Glass, beta testing, travel


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Let’s deconstruct this a little bit via some Q&A.


We always knew California wouldn’t be our permanent place right now, but we definitely didn’t see ourselves moving back east this soon.   For a variety of reasons the move from California makes a ton of sense, and is a really great opportunity for us both personally and professionally.

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So what does this mean?


Not So Sterne Photography is relocating!  We are planning (hoping) to be doing more client work in earnest out east in the latter part of 2014. We will continue to blog (which we haven’t done the best job of so far this year). Going hand in hand with this will be a resurgence in The Photowalk Alliance and other events (which unsurprisingly? never quite took off on the west coast) in the latter half of 2014. Finally, I’m looking to hiking/backpacking a LOT more than I have in the last 5 years.

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Where are you moving?

Currently finalizing details, but looking for the University Heights area. That’s all we are going to post on a public blog.  

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Why Cleveland?

Simple really. My (Joe’s) real job has an office in Cleveland and I am relocating to work there. An added bonus is Jules grew up there, so we have lots of people anxiously awaiting our arrival!

#joeandjules, #throughglass, google glass, wedding, solon ohio, sept 1st 2013, joe sterne, julia dachner

Aren’t you going to miss the Bay Area?

Of course we are! There will be parts we will miss (like the wonderful friends we met, cool nature areas being so close, wine country: full stop, working in SF, etc) to parts we won’t (cost of living, Caltrain sauna cars, gas prices, traffic, etc).

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Are you ever coming back to CA?

Who knows?  We are really bad about predicting the future and don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up [So yes, we are].  We will definitely be visiting as much as we can though, so those of you in CA, you aren’t rid of us yet!

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Will you be doing something cool like your move out in 2012?

That has been up in the air for months. While the goal is to make this trek the “big project” of 2014 (hyperlapse??), that could change. We are both driving our cars out this year (opposed to shipping one like last time) so that infringes on someone holding a camera. Also, this is prime work time for both of us so meandering across the USA is not an option again (grr).

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What does this mean for The F Stops Here Podcast?

The F Stops Here Podcast is alive and well- that will continue when we move. The only part that could change would be the show time (bumping it up an hour). Stay tuned.

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What if we want to hang out with you on the east coast?

You know where to find us 🙂


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