Where were you?!


You might have noticed that we have not been posting to the blog like we promised at the beginning of the year. You might also have noticed the last time we posted was almost two months ago, which is pretty long in “blog time”. Couple this with me going on an unannounced podcast hiatus* and progressively interacting less and less with all forms of social media, you may have thought I’m about to fake my death and flee to Europe**.


Well, the story is not that cool but I did want to apologize and explain why I/we have gone dark recently.

14 - 1

While a variety of things contributed to it, it really boiled down to two things: Me working on a (no longer) top secret project for my day job and Jules transitioning to a new job. While Jules doesn’t like to write as much as I do, I’m still trying to get her to share her work more often (more on that in a future post). For me, I took on a side project that ended up consuming all of my time for months on end leading up to Dreamforce (can you guess what I was working on?)***.

20141017_113023_HDR IMG_20141011_190255

The good news is now that the craziness has subsided, I can get back to things I have been woefully neglecting, such as: The Photowalk Alliance, the Cleveland chapter of Google City Experts, taking photos for fun, figuring out what we are doing with The F Stops Here Podcast, ordering new business cards for our side business, etc. I’m not kidding when I said I went dark!

IMG_20141015_135547 IMG_20141012_072049

So, my apologies. If you are waiting to hear from either of us regarding….basically anything, please ping either of us again and we will get back to you! Also, get ready for some posts in the near future 🙂





*Yes, it’s STILL a hiatus. Status of The F Stops Here is still TBD.

**Trust me, the thought occured me a few times.

***Stay tuned on a post about my experiences at Dreamforce 2014 (my 3rd in a row!)


2 responses to “Where were you?!”

  1. Glad to hear you both are doing well. I’ve been wondering where you’ve been!


    1. Thanks Donna!


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